Hay Day Hack

Want to get unlimited resources on Hay Day? Then look nowhere else. With this Hay Day Hack Tool, you can obtain as much gold & diamonds as you want. Get it & become a legend on Hay Day!



Our Hay Day Hack Tool is the only working hack out there. It's been created by exploiting Hay Day server's algorithm, so it should always work 100%.

Unlimited Resources

Hay Day Hack can generate unlimited resources because it was created by exploiting Hay Day Server's algorithm. So, once you get this cheat tool, you can always generate unlimited resources for you and all your friends.

Completely Free

This is for absolutely educational purpose only. So, we don't charge for our hack. It's 100% free. Don't pay anyone to get this cheat tool. Download from our own site for free.

Simple Interface

We have tried our best to keep the interface of this software as simple as we can so that you don't get confused using it. All you need to do is just connect your device/facebook & select the cheats to apply.

Clean & Virus Free

Hay Day Hack has been scanned with all the popular antivirus software out there and nothing has been detected within the software.

Created By Team H3x0r

This hack was simply created for educational & fun purpose by the famous hacker group h3x0r. And we are just releasing it for the public so that they can enjoy playing the game however they want.

How to Use The Hay Day Hack Tool

1. Download & open the Hay Day Hack Tool 2. Select your platform & click on 'Connect'. 3. After the connection has been established successfully, select the cheats to apply & enter the amount of resources you want. 4. Click on 'Add Items' 5. Enjoy!